We believe that integrating nutrition and supplementation with your hair restoration treatments will enhance results. When we think of what is important to grow healthy hair here are five factors to keep in mind:

  1. vitamin and mineral balance (deficiencies in iron, zinc, biotin or B7 are known to cause hair loss)
  2. maintaining healthy blood sugar
  3. hormone balance
  4. healthy gut
  5. stress management

So if you want to make a dramatic difference in your hair there are dietary and lifestyle changes that may be supportive to the treatments you are doing. Here are are few supplement recommendations to enhance hair growth:

Quality Protein

Hair is made up a protein fiber and if you don’t eat enough protein your hair may become dry and brittle or fall out altogether. Include good food sources of protein from pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef, whole eggs and wild fish. If you are vegetarian or vegan some other options are nuts, seeds, quinoa, beans, and protein powders.

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Fish Oil (1,000 mg a day)

The Omega-3 fats in fish oil will help to reduce inflammation and may thicken hair. Try a professional grade fish oil supplement as it can be difficult to get a good amount of Omega-3s from a standard diet. The standard American diet is high in Omega 6 fats. Food sources of Omega-3s are fatty fish (like salmon, mackerel or sardines), chia seeds and walnuts.

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B Complex (1 capsule a day)

A complex of B Vitamins can be supportive to stress which is important to maintaining hair growth. In addition Bitoin and B7 may help to thicken your hair especially if you are deficient. Foods high in B vitamins include lentils, spinach, broccoli and wild fish.

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Bone broth

The collagen that is found in bone broth may help your hair grow faster as well as strengthen skin and nails. It also will help to encourage a healthy gut which is important in making sure you are absorbing all your nutrients from your food in the first place.  

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Hair loss can be a symptom of zinc deficiency. Pumpkin seeds are a great food to include in the diet as they are high in zinc and the oil from pumpkin seeds may also contain fats that thicken hair. Other food sources of zinc include beef, dark chocolate and chickpeas.

Try out: incorporating pumpkin seeds into your diet and/or a good-quality multivitamin with zinc



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