My Grandfather is Bald-I’m Doomed

You are getting older and your hairline and appearance are becoming more important. You have been told that you are going to look like your maternal grandfather and have the same hair pattern. He has just a rim of hair and is completely bald on top. Hope is not lost.

Hair loss has been around forever and the good news is that science has come along way to helping the situation. Genetics does predispose one for hair loss but if caught early it can be greatly reduced. First, medical management can work and slow it down significantly. One of the main contributors to hair loss is DHT or dihydrotestosterone that has been to be toxic to the hair follicle on the scalp. Apparently, the hair follicles on the top of the head are the most susceptible to it. This is more profound or worse if you have a family history of severe hair loss-the hair follicles are programmed differently and are more sensitive to DHT. So, one of the main ways to reduce hair loss is to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT with finasteride or Propecia. This medication blocks the enzyme that does the conversion. This medication has been around for over two decades with good results.

Another options to reduce hair loss include minoxidil or Rogaine, low level laser therapy, supplements and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Each of these treatments work by different mechanisms and in combination give the best results in maintaining hair and making it more healthy.

So, the best course of action is to address the hair loss in the beginning and one can avoid the hair loss pattern of your grandfather down the road.

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