Do you love big Texas hair or do you want to maintain what you currently have? Help Hair whey protein shake is the missing piece to your daily routine.


Help Hair whey protein shake is a protein powder for hair restoration with vitamins, essential amino acids, proteins, and minerals. Help Hair shake provides proteins that make up the nutritional support for healthier, thicker hair. Help Hair Shake and Help Hair Vitamins use a proprietary all natural formulation in a special ratio including B-12, Biotin, and Niacin. This Protein Shake provides nourishment to the roots and hair follicles with all correct nutrients for fast hair growth.


At Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation Center we carry both the Help Hair Shake and Vitamins. Using both of these options daily can help to grow thicker more luscious hair. Being a practice in Texas we hear a lot of our staff make comments about how they love BIG Texas hair. This shake will help you with just that. And if you’re someone who doesn’t want the Big Texas hair, that’s fine also. You can use this shake as maintenance for your current hair follicles.


If you have any questions regarding hair loss we invite you to visit our website call our office at 512-327-5337 to book a consultation.

Post Author: Shelby Chapman