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We are very excited to offer patients our new and improved wetline products. For patients experiencing hair loss, it is important to develop a treatment strategy that helps to support hair growth in many different ways. A good wetline system is an important piece of this total strategy. There are 5 products in our wetline all designed to provide specific support for your hair. They are as follows:

Prep:designed to soften sebum accumulation and break up products used in the hair.

Cleanse: this cleanser removes all waxes from other shampoos and products. It also removes DHT and sebum broken up by the PREP solution.

Condition: an optimal product to improve texture and softness of the hair.

Activator: increases blood flow to the scalp. Will help oxygenate the hair follicles.

PROTECTOR: neutralizes sebum for up to 24 hours. Prevents toxicity to the hair follicles.

Hair Restorative Supplements

Collagen Builder

Collagen Builder is a patented choline-stabilized formulation of orthosilicic acid (OSA). Only when stabilized does OSA deliver on its promise of activating the human body’s production of the three beauty proteins: Collagen, Elastin, and Keratin. Collagen Builder delivers 5 mg of the active ingredient in proprietary microsphere-filled capsules.

  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles*
  • Thickens and Strengthens Hair*
  • Strengthens Nails*
  • Increases Hip Bone Mineral Density*
  • Adds Flexibility to Bones*
  • Promotes Healthy Joints*

Buy Collagen Builder now: $40


Eyebrow Enhancer

Condition - Revive - Enhance

Beautify your brows with dramatic, natural enhancement. This advanced proprietary blend of peptides and natural botanicals help prevent the signs of aging to the brow area. Revitalize your brows for a more dramatic and youthful appearance.

Daily use for best results; healthier, thicker, more luxurious brows.

High impact conditioning solution

Size: 1.5 mL - 2 month supply

Buy RevitaBrow: $98

RevitaLash Advanced

Eyelash Enhancer

Nourish - Revive - Beautifully Enhance

Enhance the look of your eyelashes for dramatic, natural beauty. This breakthrough formula addresses the signs of eyelash aging and stress by reviving dry, brittle, lifeless lashes.

An advanced proprietary blend of natural botanicals protect against breakage and brittleness by improving flexibility, moisture, and shine for flawless looking eyelashes.

Daily use provides immediate benefits; leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.

Signature BioPeptin Complex® ● Fortifying & conditioning ● Precision cosmetic application

Size: 2.0 mL - 3 month supply

Buy RevitaLash now: $98


Laser Cap

LaserCap is a portable, home device, which uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat male and female pattern hair loss. It is safe and easy to use and fits in any cap. It is currently the most effective home care system of Low Level Laser Light Therapy for hair growth and is the only completely portable, discrete device.

LaserCap has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible, hermetically sealed dome shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat and is powered by a small belt clip battery pack. It delivers 10X more power than the leading devices, provides optimal coverage to the entire scalp, and is as easy to use as wearing a hat. This also makes LaserCap portable and discreet. It is not only good for those losing their hair or with thinning hair, and supports hair transplants to maintain their existing hair. Laser Cap also works well with other hair loss treatments such as medical management with Minoxidil, Propecia, or Organic Regrow.

Buy Laser Cap now: $3,000

iGrow Laser

The iGrow® is a safe and effective in-home device, designed and produced specifically for the purpose of growing hair in people afflicted with Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair). iGrow’s non-invasive, proprietary Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology has no side-effects, unlike pharmaceuticals, topicals and pills used to treat hair-loss.

Buy iGrow Laser now: $699

Help Hair Whey Protein Shake

Why wait for faster regrowth?
Results in 6-8 weeks after hair transplant.
Full growth in 4-6 months.


  • Faster Regrowth — why wait for your hair?
  • Less Shock Loss
  • Better Quality of Existing Hair
  • Better Patient Experience/Relationships
  • Less Overall Down Time
  • Better Quality of Donor/Transplanted Hair
  • 2nd Sittings can be Performed Sooner
  • No Lag Time With Secondary Sittings ie: 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.
  • Less Overall Finasteride Use (7-9 Months) No Refills
  • Little or No Shedding When Stop Finasteride

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Buy Help Hair Whey Protein Now: $60

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