Can steroid use lead to hair loss?

Is it true that anabolic Steroids can cause hair loss? It’s true, especially if you’re already genetically prone to hair loss! Wanting to build your muscle mass at a faster rate can really take a toll on your hair and your appearance. Your strength is great but the volume of your hair may not be once you’ve been on these for a while.

Most men are not aware that too much DHT hormone (Dihydrotestosterone) can thin and damage your hair follicles. Once the DHT gets high enough and attaches to the hair follicles the hair will eventually die and fall out. The higher the doss of the steroid will eventually cause permanent hair loss.

The only solution to improve this issue is to stop taking the steroids and immediately began a medical management regimen. Doing so will help to improve what hair follicles you have left along with strengthen what is currently dying. A few things you can do are Exoflo, PRP injections, lower level laser therapy, Help Hair Shake, and even FUE surgery is your loss hasn’t reach the stage of no return.

If you’re looking for options regarding these issues we would love to meet with you for a full consultation. Please feel free to schedule a consultation at We look forward to meeting with you.

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FUE for Women’s Eyebrows

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